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    Why Missouri Fox Trotters: great value, quality, intelligence, security!

    Extreme Obstacle Course
    Missouri Fox Trotting Horses

    Greetings. Please allow me to introduce you to Cool Breeze Ranch, located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley


    in California. For the last five years, we have been riding and training our horses daily. We spend significant time in the backcountry with every horse, and each can be trusted to give you a consistently smooth and enjoyable ride, even when dealing with challenging terrain. Having a horse you can ride with a feeling of security and confidence allows you to fully enjoy the experience. This frees you to focus on your ride, the beautiful scenery or simply embracing the tranquility of you and your horse, alone on the trail.

    We have toured much of the west with our horses, trailering them and riding them wherever possible: along the border of Mexico, throughout Montana, in Yellowstone National Park, and on the beach -- covering a wide range of very diverse terrain and amazing scenery.

    As avid riders, we are aware of all the potential difficulties when riding in the backcountry or other challenging environments. It is with this in mind that we have set up an obstacle course on our ranch designed to train our horses to handle these challenges with confidence. Having spent many hours training the horses on the course, as well as riding them in the wilderness, we are confident that they can handle just about any terrain. All of our horses are calm and have very good manners. We achieve this in part by using only nonviolent training methods.

    We have learned many of our techniques from some of the most talented trainers in the business. This includes Ray Hunt, who was taught by Tom and Bill Dorrance, author of "True Unity." Tom Dorrance is the original "Horse Whisperer." We have worked directly with Ray, and have participated in several of his clinics. A key element of these teachings, and our training techniques, is that you must trust your horse and build a relationship where you are confident that you will keep each other safe. A horse's instinct is to avoid danger, so only when he trusts his rider completely, and he knows his rider trusts him, will he approach potentially difficult situations with confidence.

    We have also completed a five-day course with Monty Roberts, having worked with his certified trainer.

    I have been asked many times: "Why Missouri Fox Trotters?"

    To begin with, they are very dependable and trustworthy horses. And with their smooth and unique gait, you feel as though you are riding on air.

    Missouri Fox Trotters have a great temperament, are very willing to learn and are eager to please you. They are calm in situations where other breeds can get very nervous, and they can be taught to pull a cart, go through an obstacle course or to handle about any riding environment. The combination of their smooth gait, calm demeanor and sure footedness makes them a very comfortable and safe horse for any rider. They are an ideal horse for riders of all ages and experience levels.

    All of our horses have been treated with love and respect. We believe you must ask a horse nicely to do something, not tell him, just like a person would rather be asked than told what to do. Building a relationship of mutual trust and respect is the most important part of training your mount. Once you and your horse are partners, you will be able to ride with the confidence of a cowboy crossing the West on his noble steed.

    Please look at what the horses can do on one of our extreme obstacle course videos, or just come by and ride. ~Marc Trubitz

    Email: Marc

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